craft-Brewed Kombucha As A Business

Much like craft-beer, craft-brewed kombucha is commercially-sold kombucha that is made in small batches. Most bottled kombucha you find in stores is made this way, and most of the companies are small local businesses. Here are some reasons to try craft-brewed kombucha, even if you’re planning on brewing your own.

Support Local Businesses

Because so many craft-brewed kombucha businesses are local, buying from them is a great way to support the people in your community, rather than a big corporation that’s doing quite well already without your business. Often, these craft-brewed kombuchas are equally if not more delicious than the ones produced by larger companies, so it’s worth the extra effort needed to find them.

Gain Insight on Brewing Techniques

As you’re meeting with craft-brewed kombucha business owners, you’ll be able to gain valuable insight on kombucha brewing and flavoring techniques. These kombucha enthusiasts often have many years of experience, so they’ll be able to help point you in the right direction when it comes to getting the right supplies and with any problems you run into along the way.

Find New Flavors to Try

Craft-brewed kombucha comes in an enormous variety of flavors, so you’ll not only never be bored when trying the different types, but you might also get some new ideas of how you can flavor

your own kombucha. If you’re thinking of bottling your own

kombucha to sell, you’ll need to avoid stealing flavors from other local sellers, but using it for your own batches at home is ok.

Stay Healthy

Since craft-brewed kombucha has the same health benefits of the stuff you’re brewing at home, it’s a great way to stay healthy when you’re first getting started and may not have enough kombucha to last you until the next batch is ready. Most kombucha enthusiasts encourage drinking kombucha every day, so if your supply runs out, then pick a craft-brew and you’re on your way to staying healthy even without your own home-brewed kombucha.

Where to Find Craft-Brewed Kombucha

The best place to start your search for local craft-brewed kombucha is to check out farmer’s markets. Many small

brewers will bring their kombucha to these to sell, so it’s a great place to start looking. This is the best place to find craft-brewed kombucha because the owners are likely the ones selling, so it’s easy to connect with them and share ideas about brewing kombucha.

Another place you can usually find craft-brewed kombucha are health food stores. Most health food stores will carry a variety of kombuchas that you can try. Many regular grocery stores and

sometimes even larger convenience stores will carry this drink. Typically, the popularity of the drink in your area will determine how easily it can be found.

Starting Your Own Craft-Brewed Kombucha Business

Craft-brewed Kombucha as a business

If your friends that try your kombucha are telling you that you should try selling your kombucha and you find yourself being

overwhelmed with the gallons you’re producing once things get going, starting a craft-brewed kombucha business might be a good idea. Be sure to do a lot of research about the health and safety requirements of selling food before you get started, and make sure you have somewhere to sell your kombucha, whether it’s at the farmer’s market or your local health food store.

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