Best 7 Ways To Consume Kombucha That Will Blow Your Mind!

mind blowing ways to consume kombucha tea

One of the best things about kombucha is that it’s not just a drink. In fact, there are a number of different things that you can do with kombucha in order to really enjoy this delicious drink.

These are especially great if you are brewing more kombucha than you’re able to drink as you’ll be able to use them in different ways so they don’t go to waste.

You want to consume kombucha with style ? ….

7 Ways to consume kombucha tea

How to consume kombucha and cooking - ways to consume kombucha
7 Ways to consume kombucha tea!
  1. Popsicles

Stop looking for ways to consume kombucha today!!… Popsicles are Perfect for hot summer weather, you can use your favorite popsicle mold or even just paper cups to make popsicles with your kombucha. This is especially good with berry and other sweet-flavored kombucha, but any type will work. Then, whenever you want to enjoy a cold, refreshing, and healthy treat, just grab one from the freezer!

  1. Pickling

This is especially perfect if you grow your own produce and if your kombucha went a little too long and started to taste like vinegar. Fortunately, instead of tossing it out, you can toss it in a jar with your fresh produce and let it start pickling. This is a great way to ensure that you’re not wasting any of the overly-sour kombucha and to make your pickled veggies more flavorful and healthy.

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  1. Ice Cream Floats

Looking for more ways to consume kombucha? … If there’s one thing that can’t be beat on a warm summer

evening, it’s an ice cream float. But, with all the sugars, calories, and unhealthy ingredients that come with soda, it’s not something the health-conscious can enjoy in good conscious.

However, by replacing the soda with a lovely fizzy kombucha, you can enjoy your ice cream floats all summer long.

  1. Sourdough Starter

If you’re into other fermented foods besides kombucha, then you know that sourdough is a delicious and nutritious bread. What you may not know is that you can actually use kombucha to start a batch of sourdough at home! To get a sourdough going, all you need to do is mix equal parts flour and kombucha together and it will be ready the next day!

  1. Vinaigrette

Another great use for kombucha that’s gone a little too vinegary is to make it into a vinaigrette. You can find recipes that specifically call for kombucha as the base for a vinaigrette, but you can also simply replace the vinegar of your favorite recipe for kombucha for a healthier but equally delicious vinaigrette…. Wait I still got more ways to consume kombucha !!!

  1. Smoothies

If you love drinking smoothies, then why not give your smoothie blend a probiotic kick by adding kombucha in place of some or all of the liquid content of your smoothies? These work particularly well for berry smoothies and will also kick up the tart factor. You could also freeze kombucha into ice cube trays and add it that way to your smoothies if you normally use ice as part of your smoothie.

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  1. Gummies

If you’re looking for the perfect healthy treat that’s both delicious and great for your body, consider making some gummies with your extra kombucha. These tasty snacks are easy to make, and they’re delicious. Plus, you get the advantage of getting a few more probiotics!

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