Weight lifting: 8 simple and practical ways to effective weight lifting that you must know

Introduction to weight lifting

Weight lifting has many benefits and with a little effort and discipline, any individual will be able to enjoy the benefits derived from a consistent and comfortable weight lifting exercise. Get all the info you need here.

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Simple & Practical Ways To Effective Weight Lifting

Effective weight lifting strategies the works like fire

Step 1:

Why Weight Lifting


The main reason weight lifting is encouraged and even recommended for men lies the ever present testosterone element in the human body. As every human being is born with some testosterone levels in the body, one of the defining aspects that make up the “man” is the testosterone levels, which is what masculinity is all about.

weight lifting basics

The Basics

Besides this weight lifting is also encouraged as it helps to starve off bouts of depression, irritability, fatigue and an easily weakened and tired body. A good workout that includes the lifting of weights will give the muscle content in the body something to works towards in developing. A lot of people, who practice weight lifting, will attest to the fact that their concentration levels and focused attention mind frame are much better and certainly improved.

Sleep patterns are also improved as the individual is able to get better levels of deep rest as opposed to a fitful sleep pattern. This then spills into a better and happier disposition during the waking hours of the individual. Waking up early and feeling refreshed is also another positive feature that is noticeable when weight lifting is adopted into the daily or weekly exercise schedule. Increased energy levels is also another positive result of weight lifting and this energy will usually brought on without the use of any stimulants. Maintaining the same energy levels throughout the day is usually not as challenging nor is it difficult.

Certain chemical reactions occur within the body system where the endorphins are released into the system thus effectively causing the individual to feel a reinforced happy disposition

Step 2:

Myths About Weight Lifting


myths about weight lifting

Any exercise regimen that is done in moderation and with careful consideration to the human body will definitely yield positive results.

weight lifting myths

Don’t Be Fooled

The problem usually arises when the individual becomes careless and perhaps over enthusiastic in the approach to a particular exercise. Weight lifting is definitely something that everyone can try.

The following are some of the myths that surround the weight lifting exercise:

  • Weight lifting is dangerous – this is far from the truth, as most weight lifting injuries occur when the individual is not careful or is trying to show off and over estimates his or her capabilities.
  • Weight lifting is bad for your joints – comparatively weight lifting is less stressful on the joints when compared to other physical activities such as running and aerobics. The controlled and non impact movements generally don’t put undue pressure on any of the body’s joints.
  • Weight lifting causes high blood pressure – although the blood pressure does increase during the weight lifting exercise, it usually returns to normal quite quickly after the exercises ceases. In fact consistent weight lifting has been documented to show that it lower the systolic and diastolic blood pressure instead.
  • Weight lifting makes the individual bulkier – basically the muscle is denser than the fat content, thus leaving the body looking slimmer if the fat content in the body is effectively converted into muscle mass through the weight lifting regimen.
  • Weight lifting stunts growth – if the proper technique is used during the weight lifting session there is no concrete evidence to show that weight lifting stunts normal growth.
  • Weight lifting causes hemorrhoids – here to if the right techniques are adopted there should not be any aversive side effects such as developing hemorrhoids. Using the correct breathing exercises is important.

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Step 3:

Analyzing The Property


There is a lot of different weight training equipment that is usually available to choose from and sometimes this can be quite overwhelming for the individual who is just starting out on the weight lifting experience.

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Make The Right Choice

Perhaps understanding a little about the various pieces of equipment available would be a good place to start.

Dumbbells are usually the most basic and easiest piece of equipment in the whole range of weight lighting equipment. They are not only easy to store they can also be used almost anywhere and at anytime, without too much fuss. There is also very little danger in using these when the individual is working out alone. The weights of each dumbbell would vary and it is up to the individual to decide on the weight category that best suits his or her needs.

Kettle bells and bars and collars are also pretty much the same in its usage style and the weights here too would very much depend on the individual needs and capabilities. These are meant to build upper body strength and muscle without too much stress on any particular body part.

There are also hand and body weights that can be used over or under other clothing pieces to act a resistance burning fat on a consistent basis during training on other equipment. The weight lifting belts also function in a similar manner and provide the extra challenge for the general workout session.

Most of the weight lifting equipment is now designed to be a compact as possible thus eliminating the need for large storage spaces or large workout areas that are specifically dedicated to exercising. These easy to store and comparatively inexpensive items generally are able to entice a newbie into trying weight lifting without fear of busting the bank.

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Step 4:

Buying An Investment Property


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There are several important elements that should be considered when trying to design a suitable weight lifting routine. The eventual desired outcome will dictate to a certain extent the type of routine that would be suitable to follow.

The idea behind the ideal weight lifting routine is usually based on the correct amount of weights for each exercise incorporated into the routine. Lifting the wrong amount of weights could severely limit the muscle gains and even cause some damage to the individual’s overall body condition.


Get The Results

Understanding, that any weight that cannot be lifted in a consistent fashion, for an average of 8 repetitive movements, is not something that is going to result in the ideal muscle building exercise. This would be geared more towards strength training rather than muscle building. Ideally the individual should be able to consistently lift the intended weights for at least 8-10 repetitions within a time frame of about just over a minute.

It should be noted that taking on heavier weights can cause poor form which will eventually cause dramatic increase to the chances of muscle strain and tears. Inadequate loan on the weights will also not be an ideal, to build muscle growth as the breakdown in muscle tissue will not be enough to promote the intended growth. A good bench mark would be if the individual can easily lift a particular weight for more that 12 repetitive movements without actually have to work too hard or feel and strain.

A good guide would be to gauge the ideal weight by noting that by the end of the 8 repetitive movements the entire body is almost ready to give up. This is a clear indicator that the weight chosen is competitive to the required muscle building exercise. Gradual additions can be incorporated as the individual becomes more accustomed to the weights lifted.

Step 5:

Warming Up Is A Crucial Step


For those who are particular about warm up sessions before actually diving into the actual weight lifting routine the benefits and results will be better and more enhanced when compared with those who don’t bother with the advised warm ups. Even quick and ineffective warm up session will not be very useful to the individual.

warm up sections

Warming Up

Perhaps the most important reason for the warm up sessions is to prepare the body for the upcoming strain of the muscles that the weight lifting exercise will bring on. When the body is physically ready to accommodate the strain on the muscles there will be less likelihood of the individual sustaining and injuries. Even minor injuries can keep an individual out of the gym routine for some time and this is just not an ideal scenario for the serious weight lifter.

Another advantage to the warm up sessions would be the muscles capabilities in being able to gain more from the eventual workout and thus build up more muscle growth. When the warm up sessions are fully utilized the body is then able to take on more lifts with each set without having to take frequent rest breaks.

The ideal warm up session should include about 5 minutes of cardiovascular activity, which can be done on a stationary bike or treadmill. Alternatively the individual may opt to jog to the gym as this is also another ideal alternative warm up work out. However it should be noted that the warm up sessions are not meant to be so strenuous that the individual is tired out even before the actual weight lifting exercise begins. The next step in the ideal warm up workout would be to focus on the body part that is going to be the main weight lifting routine. An example of which may be to start some squats if the intended weight training for the day is going to be concentrated on the legs.

Step 6:

Surefire Weight Lifting Strategies


A complete program of good weight lifting strategies would have to include elements such as :

  1. ideal rest periods, 
  2. lengths, 
  3. intensity breathing, 
  4. stretches, 
  5. warm up and cool down scenarios.

weight lifting strategies

The Right Way

Rest between sets should ideally be between 1 – 2 minutes between sets and this should only be to refocus. If there is a necessity to wait longer, than perhaps the weights used are not ideal for the individual. The amount of sets and repetitions should be designed according to the particular needs of the individual such as if the exercise is for weight loss or for building muscle bulk. There is a distinct difference in the patterns followed to derive the distinct desired results.

The order of the exercise regimen should also be taken into consideration. The work out should ideally start with the back, torso, thigh, chest and shoulder areas before other body areas are considered. Once this has been done, the attention can then be focused on the smaller peripheral muscles such as the biceps and the calves followed by wrist curls. Starting on the bigger muscles first would allow for a better work out as the support of the smaller muscles are needed through the entire exercise thus it would not be wise to strain these smaller muscles by working on them first.

For most people the ideal work out session would only need to be about 30 – 45 minutes long. Longer sessions are only needed, if the individual desires to lose weight more rapidly or if there is a need to gain muscle significantly faster than the average planned design. The intensity of the work out should also be taken into consideration as this is instrumental in bring forth the desired results. Varying the

exercise routines and its intensity will allow the muscles to be worked in different ways, thus eventually ensuring the overall desired results are reached within the time set.

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Step 7:

Feed Your Muscles After Workout


It is not uncommon to feel quite hungry after a good work out at the gym but ensuring the right choices are made is very important as this will help to contribute to build the muscles even more rather than just to add to the undesirable fat content in the body.

feed your muscles after workout

Recharge Your Body

Replenishing the body with the much needed energy and nutrients is important and should be the focus of the choices of foods made.

The following are some recommendations on the types of foods that would be ideal to feed the muscles after a good work out session:

Protein shakes are a very popular and healthy choice, and with the addition of fresh bananas this combination is even more enhanced and beneficial to the body system. A combination of whey protein, water and bananas will create an ideal shake that will provide the body with the replenished energy it needs to continue on effectively and with alertness.

Peanut butter and banana on rice cakes is another healthy snack to have after a workout session. This is a good alternative to a sandwich, as the brown rice cakes will make the ideal surface for the spread of peanut butter and bananas. Packed with energy enhancing elements, this snack will allow the individual to be fired up and ready to aggressively tackle any situation that may arise. The mental alertness this combination can provide is really quite phenomenal.

Hummus and pita is also another recommended snack that is both healthy and provides all the needed carbs and proteins after an intensive work out. This slow release of energy will allow the individual to avoid any further snaking.

Yogurt and fresh berries is often recommended after an intensive work out session a in contain all the amino acids that will help to build the muscle. This replenishment of the amino acids can be gotten from the protein content in the ingredients.

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Step 8:

Avoid Injury During Weight Lifting


The following are some tips on how to avoid injury during weight lifting sessions:


Don’t Get Hurt

Starting the exercise session slowly and with lighter weights to get the body used to the exercise routine is one way to ensure there is no sudden strain on any of the various muscles and tendons. Besides injury to muscles, the over estimation of weights used can also lead to severe aches, pains, strains and soreness.

Making comparisons to others and trying to keep up with the crowd is something that is not advised, and should be done at all cost. Every individual has his or her own personal thresh hold of capabilities and trying of emulate another person’s weights will only bring injury to the individual.

Getting another person to help when lifting weights is very important as the person can be at hand to help should any particular weight prove to be too much to handle or if sudden cramps or muscle strains occurs. This is very important and most weight workouts would require this sort of assistance.

Warms ups are also another very important phase of the work out session as it is supposed to prepare the body and mind for the eventual strain on the muscles. Proper warm up session will eventually bring forth better muscles building quality.

Staying hydrated and wearing proper supportive attire are both equally important elements to consider ensuring injury is avoided when weight lifting. Some people become so absorbed in the work out

that they often forget to take occasional breaks to rehydrate. Proper attire will help to support the various body parts and also create ideal and comfortable workout sessions.


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Getting the results you would like out of weight lifting is possible. All you need to do is follow some of the previous steps and you’re sure to see results.

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